New Business Hours

I  am writing to announce that there will be a MAJOR change in the hours business is conducted for BOTH in-office work and on-site visiting computer service and repair work with James Computer Services! Due to a new adjustment in my crazy schedule I will no longer be able to do ANY FORM OF WORK AFTER 2:00pm ON WEEKDAYS!

Weekends are fine if it is between the hours of 9:30am and 7:30pm But weekdays will only be done by morning or early afternoon times! My whole day after 2pm going into the midnight hour will be booked and unfortunately i cannot make ANY exceptions. Just to be more clear on times here it goes:

Monday-Friday (home/business visit or in my office)
Saturday-Sunday (Sunday my office is closed but a home/business visit can be done)

I have listed this information on our Facebook Business page, .com business website and Google Business listing to hopefully let the word spread. I will still be delivering great service to you all but with new timing. I am sorry for the inconvenience!


$60 or Less! [All Repairs & Services] (Limited Time)

For those of you potential or perhaps loyal or returning customers... James Computer Services will be running a limited time SPECIAL, ANY & ALL COMPUTER REPAIR & SERVICES will ONLY be $60 OR LESS! No matter what the issue. The only extra charges will be IF your computer may need an extra part, replacement or upgrade part such as power supply unit, hard drive, ram memory or motherboard.

This means you can have your computer restored to it's original Windows XP, Vista or 7, even if you do not have the disc, We also move your data at no extra charge on windows restore and virus removal jobs so please DO NOT worry about your pictures, music or documents being lost in any case unless your hard drive is completely dead, we can even move data from old machines or non-bootable machines! Get those viruses removed completely (includes free protection) have your computer upgraded, tuned up (optimized), internet repaired or network setup, forgotten passwords removed or WHATEVER ELSE for only $60 OR LESS!

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Tips on caring for your computer

Caring for a computer is much like maintaining and owning vehicle in many ways... it will get you places and you must care for it, maintain and treat it well if it breaks down, you may have to take it to an experienced person who can repair or service it but there is much you can do to prevent your computer from ending up at a technicians office more then you would like it to be! The following are just some of my most valuable tips, tricks, secrets to maintaining and keeping a computer at it's best tip top shape:

  • Keep desktop and laptop computers ventilated with plenty of air to breathe in the back and front of machines where fans blow and as dust free as possible. If you own a laptop keep your laptop on a hard surface such as a table or board... not soft beds, pillows or cushion as this can block airflow from fans on front, side and bottom areas! Laptops often become overheated and shut off randomly or cause hardware malfunctions or damage to inside components.
  • Always read steps when installing new programs/software/games to your machine... 8 times out of 10 a program may ask if you would like the program to start-up automatically with your computer when booting which will cause your computer to run slower and if you are not using this software the whole time you use your computer is usually unnecessary OR it may ask if it is OK to install other useless or harmful programs such as search engine programs and trial junk software, this may lead to a slower computer or just plain TROUBLE. The best approach to avoid this is not just to click next, next when installing programs ALWAYS READ.

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We Now Offer Repair on Most Laptop Hardware Issues Such as Screen Replacement & Power But No Screen Issues. Call For More Info!

We Accept Debit or Credit; Visa, MasterCard, Discover & American Express Payments!

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We also Offer Remote Support With Card Payment via Phone Upon Request!

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